Sunday, October 31, 2010

PLEASE HELP!!! We need your “likes”

2010 101

See this picture? I don’t want to have baked 280 cookies over 4 hours for nothing! We need your help in five simple steps:

1. Go to facebook

2. Go to this link!/iheartTY (This link is also posted on Denis and I’s profiles.)

3. “Like” the I   Tyndall page at the top of the page.

4. “Like” the 500 Cookies movie that I posted. (You can watch our movie too).  This is what needs to be “liked” for us to win!!!  It’s located here if you can’t find it:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=137427706309064&id=151754309965

5. “Unlike” the I   Tyndall page (if you want to)

This will take you under 30 seconds and if we get the most to “like” our movie then we will get $250 for winning the contest. PLEASE HELP!!!!! We would really appreciate it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The very bottom

Yesterday, Denis walked in the door from a day at his conference in Orlando and he said he had something for me. I was very excited, cause any one who knows me knows that I love surprises and gifts and this was both! Guess what it was? The very bottom of an ice cream cone. Denis said he knew it was my favorite part and since he couldn’t keep the ice cream from melting he saved it for me. Maybe that doesn’t seem like an exciting present to anyone else, but I loved it! It said that he thought about me while he was “at work”. It told me that he knows me better than anyone else. It let me know that he cared. And most of all it made me feel very loved. Who knew that the very bottom of an ice cream cone could mean so many different things? Now I have two reasons for loving the very bottom of the ice cream cone. 1. Because it is delicious and 2. because it will always remind me of that time Denis saved me the bottom of his ice cream cone in Orlando and that will remind me how amazing it is that I get to be married to Denis. menu_ice_cream_cone

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yeah that’s my pumpkin.


I did it! I actually carved a pumpkin with a pattern and carving tools. Usually my pumpkins look like a three year old did it, but this year I decided I would put some time into it. The only sad thing is that Denis and I carved these before we left for Orlando so they will be sitting in our fridge for 8 days before we get back and 10 before Halloween…yeah, I think they are pretty much mush by now. Now that I know I can do it, if these pumpkins are mush when we get home we’ll just go get two more and carve some more for Halloween night.

My pumpkin is the owl sitting on a tree limb. Denis’ pumpkin is the masterpiece haunted house! Maybe in a few years I can try to do something as hard as that haunted house.

We’re having a BLAST in Orlando, I’ll post pictures this weekend when we get home.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I ask myself this question every day, “When I’m I going to love Florida?” Because I’m a bad person, most of the time my mind answers by automatically jumping to all the things I despise about it. I think I do that because I don’t want Utah to feel like I’m cheating on it. Yes, I realize I’m talking about a state like it’s a person…it makes no sense, but love is often irrational. Do you know how many times people have told me that I need to plant my roots here? Why do they say that? Because, maybe they think I’m unhappy in Florida because I don’t love it. But that’s far from the truth. I’m very happy.

Just because I don’t love Florida, doesn’t mean I don’t like Florida. I like it. I like the beach. I like where we live. I like that we’re close to a lot of fun places. I like that I’m experiencing different things. I like that Denis and I are having an adventure together. I like the friends that I’ve made so far. I like that I don’t have to work full time. I like it all. But I’m stubborn, seriously stubborn and because of that flaw I refuse to plant my “roots” here. Roots don’t grow in the sand here anyways.

The hard thing for me is I try to love Florida, I try everyday. But it just isn’t happening, and I really don’t expect that it will. I don’t  think I should have to feel ashamed that I don’t love it. Why is that a requirement to some people? To love the place you live? I think sometimes it’s okay to like the place you live and look forward to the future when you find somewhere you will love. I don’t feel like it’s somehow wrong that I don’t want to plant my roots here.

However, I will enjoy it for the short time we’re here and I know I will probably miss it when we’re gone, but I know we are not staying here permanently. I don’t know where we’ll end up, but I do know that someday we’ll be in a place we love and our family will grow and bloom there. Then maybe I’ll finally plant my roots in some fresh, rich Utah soil ;) Haha, okay maybe it won’t be Utah…but probably. We’ll see.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How does she do that?

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I saw this wall of school supplies and they had tons of sticky notes/note paper and it reminded me that I needed some for our desk. I was about to pick one and then decided against it because we still had a few sticky notes left. A couple days after that, Denis and I got a package in the mail from my Mom. Guess what was in it? Yup, note paper. How does she do that? I swear she can like read my mind sometimes. All through college she would do that. I would come home for Sunday dinner or to do my laundry and she would have shampoo, flips flops, or was always something I really needed and sometimes something that I just wanted. Maybe you'll laugh at me, but that note paper was a tender mercy. When I pulled it out of the package I felt like Heavenly Father was saying, "I know you. I'm here. Be happy. I love you." Now every time I look at it or use it I remember that it means I have an awesome Mom who loves me and still thinks about me even when I'm so far away and I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for that!!

Aren't mom's the best?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A General Conference like no other

No crisp fall air. No trees changing color. No going to dinner with the girls during Priesthood session. No cinnamon rolls after Priesthood. No watching conference on TV. No riding the Trax. No crowds of what seems like millions of Mormons. No looking at all the anti-Mormon signs the protestors have outside the conference center. No spending time with family. During our conference weekend we didn’t have any of that. But you know what we did have? We did have a big Saturday conference breakfast. We did pull over our red love seat in front of our computer. We did watch conference online. We did cuddle together through all of the sessions. We did have dinner before Priesthood with some friends. I did get to play with our friends CUTE little girls during Priesthood and read them bedtime stories. We did have two families over for dinner after the last session on Sunday. We did feel the Spirit. Yeah, it was a General Conference like no other, but it was still wonderful and full of new traditions. I think the only thing that matters is that we listened and we heard the messages that the Lord wanted us to hear. So this weekend I learned that no matter where you are in the world or in your life, whether you’re with family or not the Spirit will still teach you the things you needed to learn if you are ready to listen.

Here’s to a six more General Conferences in Florida, may they be as amazing as this one :)

2010 001