Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missing Mom

When I was growing up, I helped my Mom garden all the time. I realize now that one of the reasons why I loved to do it so much is because it was time that just I got to spend with my mom, talking about whatever we were thinking. Now, I have my own little garden and I love being outside in the sunshine and planting flowers. I spent a good hour planting my flowers and spreading new mulch in our yard today. The only thing that could have made it better is having my Mom by my side helping me and talking about whatever we wanted. Missing you Mama! 2011 021 EDIT2011 024 EDIT2011 026 EDIT2011 028 EDIT

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dogs + Me = Disaster

I’m not a dog person. Really not a dog person. They scare me a lot. Even if the owner claims they are the nicest dog in the whole world, there is still a part of me that doesn’t trust the dog, no matter how hard I try. There have been traumatizing moments that have shaped me into the dog fearing girl I am today.

When I was just a wee little lass, I was sitting with my friends dog named Lady, when she bit me on the finger. Granted I was teasing her by swinging a Dorito in her face and then pulling it away right when she tried to eat it and it was more of a “nip” then a bite. But still, it hurt and so began my distrust of man’s best friend.

Around the same age there was a big black (don’t know what kind) dog roaming the neighborhood unsupervised. It was mean. It would bark and growl really loud and chase you…especially if you’re a 7 yr old girl on a bike. One day, I was at my friend Sara’s house when I headed out the door to go home for dinner and I looked up and saw “the beast”. I ran back into the house and started crying. Sara’s aunt was nice enough to offer to carry me pass the dog to my house. Even though I was scared, I agreed. We started out and the dog ran right up to her, jumped on her, and tripped her. She dropped me and the dog bit my butt, that’s right I said, “my butt.” Pretty funny, but there were not so funny teeth marks in my right cheek. I think it bit Sara’s aunt too, but I can’t remember. Animal services was called and yet another dog fearing moment was logged into my memory forever.

Fast forward a few years. Now I’m 13 yrs old, babysitting Jane’s little boys. My sister, Steph, was usually the one that babysat for Jane, but Steph couldn’t do it one time so Jane asked me. I knew they had a big white, long haired Alaskan “something”, because Steph told me. Steph also is afraid of dogs, so I knew I could trust her when she said it was one of the nicest dogs she’d been around. If Steph wasn’t scared, then I knew I shouldn’t be either. All was fine when I met the Alaskan dog until I walked in the house to grab something for the boys (they were playing outside) and the dog started barking at me so loud. I froze in the doorway and slowly backed out the door, right when the dog started to charge at me. Luckily, I slammed the door closed right in time. But there was a problem, I was locked outside the house now. Awesome. Eventually, the oldest little boy saved me and took the dog out in backyard so I could go back in the house. Not my best babysitting moment.  That further instilled the fact that I could never, ever trust a dog.

Last story I promise, even though there are many more. I think I was about 14 yrs old when my Aunt Amy came to visit. She had visited us a lot and I knew that my Aunt Amy had two giant dogs. Previously, one of her dogs had died and so she got an even bigger dog. This was the first time I had met the new dog, Gracy. She was an English Mastiff, weighing around 150lbs (I think). So not only was this a big dog, but it outweighed me. My family was downstairs relaxing, playing games etc. when I went upstairs to get something out of the kitchen. Our friend, Gracy, was waiting for me. As soon as she saw me she started barking louder than any dog I’ve ever heard in my life. I jumped on the kitchen counter and started screaming and crying. My Aunt and the entire rest of my family, came not long after that and called Gracy off. Yeah, I’ll never live that image down, my family still makes fun of me. Later, my Aunt explained that she recused Gracy from a very abusive home and I surprised her when I came upstairs…so basically the giant dog was just really scared of me. That knowledge didn’t do much for me, when I remembered the slobber foaming from Gracy’s huge teeth as she ferociously barked at me. 

So what is the point of these stories? Well, I think my dog fearing days are behind me, at least with one dog. Rizzo. She’s changed my whole mind set about dogs. I’ve been dog sitting or I should say “puppy” sitting for 2 weeks and I have 2 weeks to go. At first, Rizzo would jump up a lot (because she’s just a puppy and that’s what they do when they’re excited) and it would scare me a little. And she was constantly getting out of the yard and coming over to my house no matter how good we blocked the holes in the fence. About 4 days ago, I decided she just wanted to be with people so she moved into our back porch and yard.

Now, she is a totally new puppy. I’ve trained her to sit and not to run inside the house when I opened the door. I started leaving the window by my piano open, so she could hear me in the kitchen and when I play the piano. Everyday, she moves her bed from the porch and puts it right under the open window…so cute! I love seeing her running and playing in the backyard, it makes me laugh and smile. It’s so cute when I spot her taking a naps in the funniest places and in the weirdest positions. I love taking her running with me and going on walks. And I can tell that she loves me back, she follows me everywhere when I’m outside with her and when she wants me to pet her she’ll sit right in front of me and will wait patiently till I notice her. When Denis and I go to sleep at night I feel “safer” because I know she’ll bark at anything or anyone out of the ordinary.

Denis thinks I’m getting way too attached to her and I admit that I am. But not so much that I’m going to cry or anything when she goes back to her owners. I know that I’ll be able to go visit her when I want, they only live two houses down. It’s been a challenging, but great experience. I’ll still never, ever get an inside dog and we’ll see if we ever even get an outside dog. But now I understand dog lovers so much better, I get it now. I can see how they can love an animal so much. Rizzo has helped to mend my dog fearing heart. I’ll admit I’m still scared of dogs, but I’m not scared of this cute little puppy…

2011 103

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#3 is my man.

So Denis joined an intermural soccer team with some of his co-workers. They usually play twice a week. Now listen, I’m not a soccer fan. Don’t like playing it, never will. But I’ve discovered that I like to watch it, especially when my #3, who is my #1, is playing. Plus, this last game I took my camera to practice taking “action” shots. It was a lot of fun and I got some pretty goods ones.

2011 003 EDIT

Getting ready to go out on the field.

2011 037 EDIT

Kicking the red shirt’s trash.

2011 015

The team.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She’s good.

Julie Reynolds. Remember that name. Julie got the same camera as I did, but she can work magic with hers. It’s been fun to be camera buddies and teach each other about different things on our camera. She took some pictures of us last weekend just for fun and I edited a few. Here are some I really like.
(This is Denis helping me into the tree. I was scared of the mossy stuff on the tree and I couldn't get up that high without help)
IMG_3679 EDITIMG_3668IMG_3652 EDIT
She’s good, right? Thanks Julie.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts

Here’s some things that have made me happy the past few days…

  • Waking up at 3:30am to Denis laughing in his sleep. After I nudged him awake and asked what he was laughing at, he said, “I was having a dream about a high school mascot. It was a dragon and it started pecking a kid in the head with its mouth, but the kid’s mom got mad so she slapped the dragon across the face.” After he told me this, we both couldn’t stop laughing…everything is funnier when you’re half asleep.
  • Having a new 4yr old Primary girl run up to me after church and wrap her arms around my legs to give me a big squeeze. Then she looked up and said, “I love you.” Aw, such a sweetheart.
  • Cooking s’mores with some neighbors/friends one night.
  • Booking a flight to Utah for a visit in May.
  • Finishing a good book.
  • Cleaning all three of the bathrooms, doing the laundry, and clearing out some old clothes from my closet yesterday. I love cleaning!
  • Soaking my feet in a hot bath while I listed to a couple talks from the last General Priesthood session.
  • Lifting weights so hard that my macho muscles are k-k-killing me today.
  • And today, seeing these made me incredibly happy…


Those are blossoms! I was so excited that I took a (crappy) picture with my phone as I drove by.

These are the things that have made me happy the past few days. How about you? What has made you happy?