Monday, June 27, 2011

I feel older

So how come 24 feels like 5 years older than 23? I’m getting old. I think maybe because I’m dreading next year and turning, “a quarter of a century”…that’s disgusting. I know, I know most of you that are reading this are older than 25 and for that I apologize. I’m not  ragging on your seriously ancient age. Wrinkles, saggy arms, a flabby behind, gray hair, a mumu, glasses as thick as a bottle, and that diaper look great on you, but on me? I’m not so sure. You know what? Talking about your oooooooold age has made me feel a ton better about mine. Thanks.

So here’s what I did for my 24 year old birthday….

I played with my niece and nephews

I relaxed

I hang out with the girls

I laughed

I snuggled with my adorable newborn nephew

I ate my mom’s amazing homemade ice cream cake

I opened 5 birthday cards, all of which had Kohl’s gift cards in them

I went to dinner with Denis and ate some bang, bang shrimp (If you don’t know what that is then go to a Bonefish Grill…it will change your life)

I went shopping with Denis, who was very supportive the whole time I was trying on clothes

I mostly felt so grateful to have such amazing friends and family that can make me feel so special and so loved

I guess if my next 24 years are as good as these last ones have been…then I don’t think I’ll mind turning 48 even if I do have a few wrinkles.

PS You can check out pictures of my fun trip to Utah on facebook.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What do you think?

When I go to Utah in June, I’m getting a new haircut. My hair has been growing out and I’m so tired of it! I have like no style right now…BORING. So obviously because I’ve been growing out my hair, I’m not ready to cut it short, short again. Although, I loved it short so I probably will again in the near future. But for now, I need your help. I’ve picked out some pictures that I love or like…what do you think? Don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings. (Please ignore the “famous” people in the pics…I’m looking purely at their hair) Ref: RANY 141101
Singer Mandy Moore at a party for Teen People's third annual What's Next  issue at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.
Picture Ronald Asadorian/Splashnews
Splash LA: 310-812-2666
            NY: 212-619-2666

This one is my favorite so far. (Picture above)



images 2

I like this one too a lot. (Picture above)



There is a theme to all of them, I want much shorter bangs this time. Right now, my hair is about the same length as picture #3 (Vanessa  Hudgens), but I’m willing to cut a few inches off. So, what do you think?