Saturday, December 15, 2012

Third Time’s a Charm!

This is the third church Christmas Party Denis and I have helped planned in the 4.5 years we’ve been married. This one, I must say, was my favorite. I think probably because we really tried to focus it on Christ. And also because we have an amazing ward, everyone was so helpful making it turn out great. Decorating was really fun! We had the ward members bring blankets and sit on the floor to eat dinner, it was different…I liked it. (Don’t worry we had tables and chairs for people who couldn’t sit on the floor). We had some awesome musical numbers that were so beautiful to go along with a live nativity program. Here’s some pictures I took with my phone (forgot my good camera), hopefully I can add more later!

2012-12-14 21.27 EDIT2012-12-14 21.28.15

The “Bethlehem Market”, where we served dinner. We had four canopy tents set up, two on each side.


Murals that were painted by a sister in the ward! Awesome!

2012-12-14 23.47 EDIT2012-12-15 11.01.30

Luminaries that Denis and I made. They were suppose to line the outside walkways into the church, but we had to line the hallways inside the church instead because it was raining outside.

2012-12-14 21.31 EDIT

The amazing stable that the Young Men built!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Extravaganza

Denis and I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving week! Some of my family came to visit us in Ohio. We also took a trip up to Detroit to visit some families that Mike taught on his mission. Be prepared for a lot of pictures.

2012 0142012 015

Denis and I started our Thanksgiving poster a week before Thanksgiving. It really helped us to appreciate everything and was a great way to count our blessings. I think we’ll make this a tradition.



We played in the ward Turkey bowl that morning

2012-11-22 13.34.312012-11-22 13.34.41

Hanging out before our big Thanksgiving dinner that we could barely eat because we snacked so much before. haha


Denis had to run an errand so Mike got to carve the turkey. The first  turkey Denis and I have cooked and it was a success!

2012-11-22 15.06.212012 005483580_301746009925508_434133850_n

Our Thanksgiving table, now we just need some food!

2012-11-22 15.08.122012-11-22 15.08.16

One last thing before we “dig in”. Opening our Thankful boxes. The week before Thanksgiving I had all of us write “thankful thoughts” about each other. Denis got a little surprise because I got “thankful thoughts” from his parents too.

2012 0012012 0022012 0032012-11-22 12.47.022012 0062012 010

FOOD!!! Also got a picture of Dad eating with his “little fork” that Steph put by his plate for a joke. You should seen his face when he saw it. Good times.

2012-11-22 16.57.27-22012-11-22 16.57.282012-11-22 16.59.282012-11-22 16.59.292012-11-22 16.59.352012-11-22 16.59.382012-11-22 16.59.43

(Come on babe put your back into it! Don’t worry, Denis got him off after a couple good pushes.)

Our “after giant Thanksgiving dinner” walk. Girl’s had fun swinging. Boys had fun playing “king of the bouncy thingy”.

2012-11-23 12.08.28

Next day we went to visit the flower shop where I work. This is Steph petting the shop’s cat Steph.

2012-11-23 14.25.53

Cheesecake factory for lunch! Yum!

2012-11-23 20.46.43

Bowling after a couple hours of Black Friday shopping. Guess what?! I almost beat my Dad! It was so close! I think I ended with a 120’s score and my Dad was 140. It’s the closest I’ve ever been.

2012-11-24 13.39.52306030_301746113258831_630686302_nFam Pic EDIT2012-11-25 15.53.562012-11-25 16.27.1575906_301746953258747_670088387_n205432_301746359925473_420756476_n

Our visit to Detroit was so fast, but I’m so glad we went. The first two pictures are just a couple of pictures we got of some burnt out houses. I thought that Mike was sort of exaggerating when he would tell us how bad Detroit was…he wasn’t at all. I felt like I walked into a different country.  Mike spent 18 months of his mission in one area so he knew the people there like family. The family in the picture above was so humble, generous, kind, and full of the Gospel.

One thing that I noticed while I was there is how bad the neighborhoods were, the houses, etc. but then you would walk into an LDS home and they were always so well taken care of inside and had pictures of Christ and the temples on every wall. I know what it means to “make your home feel like a temple”. Those people did it. The Spirit was in their homes and it was a stark contrast to what was going on outside the walls of their homes. Their homes are little temples all over Detroit.

2012-11-26 09.34.472012-11-26 09.39.422012-11-26 09.50.352012-11-26 09.51.212012-11-26 10.19.142012-11-26 11.12.522012-11-26 11.23.342012-11-26 11.23.462012-11-26 11.25.12

The last thing we did was spend the day at the National Air Force Museum. This place is incredible, even if you’re not into planes. we got to sit in cockpits of two of the jets, that was really cool. Mike and my Dad did a jet simulator where they flew a jet and shot down enemy planes. The simulator rotated 360, meaning they went upside down whenever they steered the jet upside down. We also got to go see an amazing movie about he Hubble telescope on an IMAX screen. That movie literally blows your mind, it’s incredible. And lastly, we visited some past Air Force One planes from past Presidents. Good stuff!

And of course there were many a games played into the wee hours of the morn. This being one of my favorites.


As you can see we had a packed week, but we still didn’t even scratch the surface of fun things to do in Ohio! There are so many other things we would have loved to take them to see and do, but there just wasn’t time! I guess that means we’ll just have to have more visitors soon!