Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meeting Mitt

He’s coming here? To Panama City? Awesome! Here’s our journey to meeting Mitt told in pictures. 

2012 001 EDIT

Waiting for Mitt to arrive in the shipyard

2012 010 EDIT

Loud cheering and cameras everywhere, myself included. Here comes Mitt rollin’ on in.

2012 015 EDIT

Shaking his hand as he walks in. No, I’m not zoomed in, we were really that close.

2012 016 EDIT

Awesome face, Mitt

2012 018 EDIT

Getting introduced

2012 027 EDIT

Giving his speech

2012 029

After the speech. My friend, Melyn, going in for the hand shake.

2012 032

Right around this time the man next to me asked Mitt if he would like to attend our Stake Conference this weekend, haha. Classic.

It was pretty cool to go to the rally. A great experience. And hopefully, when he gets elected, I will be able to say, “One time I shook the President’s hand.”

Monday, January 23, 2012

Right now, I love it

Oh heavens. My life is so good right now, I don’t say this to brag, but simply in thankfulness. Sure, I work. I’ve been substituting, teaching piano lessons, making the occasional invitation or card, and planning for everything Primary, but I love it (most of the time). I love being able to do what I want when I want. I am fully aware that this won’t last very long once kids walk their cute little bums into the picture (not pregnant). Which is why I try to take full advantage of it and make sure to tell my Heavenly Father every night how thankful I am for this gift of time. There is good in every part of life, even when times are hard, especially then…we just gotta look.

This is my friend, Lila, and her face pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. She is a good example to me of loving every part of life.

2011 006 EDIT

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I found the secret!!

I found the secret to losing weight! It’s so contradictory and strange, that I bet you won’t even believe me when I tell you. And it’s wonderful and delicious! Do you wanna know what it is? It’s this….

2012 007 EDIT

That’s right! We’ve been missing the point all along. Ice cream, especially Blue Bell, helps you LOSE weight not GAIN it. I can prove it. Just look at my weight watcher’s chart. On Tuesday and Wednesday I ate a big bowl of ice cream and whip cream and today…POOF! I lost a pound! Blue Bell is magic and delicious. I know it works because we never have ice cream in our house (because I would do what I’m doing now and eat it every night). You should try it!

Okay, okay I don’t really think Blue Bell makes you lose weight, but that did really happen to me and I do think the world would be so much more awesome if it were true. Can you imagine if vegetables tasted like ice cream? Oh man, that’d be amazing.

In other news, here is a picture of me in my American Red Cross get up. Because I fainted when I was giving blood today, I gave myself permission to put on my PJ’s at 3pm in the afternoon. Don’t be J, I’m cool.

2012 002 EDIT


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FL to TX to UT back to FL

We had the mother of all Christmas trips. A three week tour of the Clayson’s and the Gardner’s. We’ll probably never get to have a break for that long again, but it was awesome. The highlights for me were loving up on these cute little faces….

2011 093 EDIT 

Baby Emily

2011 171 EDIT

Baby Jayce

2011 185 EDIT

Baby Ava

2011 202 EDIT

Baby Rex

Aren’t they all so sweet!? Yes, baby loves were definitely a highlight of my Christmas trip. And of course, Denis and I loved playing with all our nieces and nephews!

2011 019 EDIT

Cutie Meili

2011 191 EDIT

Sweet Maggie

My family got to do a family picture while we all there together. It was tricky to get three babies and all the kiddos looking at the same time, but they turned out cute!