Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Trip?

Yup, this was probably our last trip down to Orlando before we move. That makes me sad. It was such a perfect place to get away. It was closeish and had TONS of fun stuff to do and see. I’ll miss it. This time we headed an extra hour down to Tampa on Presidents Day to go to Busch Gardens.

I wasn’t very impressed with the ride selections or the animals, but that may be just because we recently went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My favorite parts were the performances and shows they had. For lunch, we watched an awesome live band and ballroom dance team perform and it didn’t cost extra. There should be more restaurants like that. Denis and I even started fantasying about how we would open a restaurant with a ballroom dance show and a band, what it would look like, and what we would serve for dinner, etc. Not gonna happen, but definitely fun to think about. My other favorite part was FINALLY seeing a tiger moving around and not just one, they had four tigers and they were all doing something. Whenever I’ve been to zoos or anywhere with tigers, the tigers are always just lying there sleeping. But not the Busch Garden tigers, they were putting on a show.

It was a great trip, another trip to go down in the “when we lived in Florida” memory book.

PS Sorry about the blurry pictures, I didn’t take my good camera.

We made a temple trip and a few members of our Branch came down too.

Our friends, The Kinneards, who came down to go to the temple.

Kinda hard to see, but this was during lunch and the ballroom dance show.

On the sky ride. I just like this picture cause he look so handsome. I’m a lucky girl.


Their ice show was amazing too!
The Monkey part of the ice show was great too!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God’s loves us just the way we are

I was reading the Body Image Challenge for Day 2 and I was thinking about what I thought the answer to the question was, “How do you think Heavenly Father defines beauty? Why might this be hard to internalize and believe?” And then my answer came on facebook through this Mormon Message.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grateful for my hott bod

I’m doing this ten day body image challenge with my sister in law, Megan:

Today, I’m suppose to write reasons why I am grateful for the things my body allows me to do. Before I do, I just wanted to quickly say that I really appreciate this opportunity, I feel like in our culture it is much more “accepted” to be open and to share the flaws of our bodies with our friends and family rather than the wonderful things. So here are ten reasons why I’m grateful for my body.

1.  I can get up, walk over to Denis and kiss him anytime I want to (among other things haha).

2. I can go spinning everyday and spinning makes me so happy.

3. When we get to go to Utah and go to the Bombay House, I can smell all of the amazing, delicious smells of what I’m about to eat.

4. I can see the pages of books so that  I can continue to study and learn new things and enjoy good books.

5. I can feel physical and emotional pain. Without that, I wouldn’t know happiness.

6. I can hear music. When I play the piano, sing, or listen to a beautiful song,  I always feel so grateful that I can hear music, I love it.

7.  I can laugh and smile.

8. I can kneel and talk with my Heavenly Father and Savior every morning, every night, and any other time I want. 

9. I have the ability to have children. Let’s just hope it’s soon.

10. I can feel love. Probably one of the greatest blessings of having a body.