Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip a-dee-doo-da Trip a-dee-ay

Our trip to Utah was fast, full, fun, and finished! We started out our week by visiting with our really good friends from Tyndall, the Reynolds girls (their Dad is deployed). It was SO great to see them, I miss them tons, but it made me feel good because I just keep thinking even though we hadn’t seen them for 9 months, it only felt like a few days. It just seemed normal and comfortable to spend time with them. Love them. 

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Next we got to see my sister in law, Demaree give a recital for her doctorate in vocal performance (she’s an amazing opera singer). But I don’t have a picture of that, sadly. Then we went with my family to the Hunger Games for an early showing. It was a busy first day in Utah.

The next day, we spent time with my family in the morning and then went to the Bombay House with Denis’s family. We also got to see City Creek that night. It was packed, but way fun. Here’s a video I took of my nephew, Elliot, playing in the fire fountain at City Creek.

On Saturday, it was the MAIN EVENT. The wedding. So happy for Katrina and David and we wish them the very best in their married days ahead. It was SO fun for Denis and I to go back to the Manti temple. That was the first time we had been back since we had been married. We even took a little time to remember the day in our sealing room. Weddings always bring out the “love” in the air. haha!

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The next day Denis and I did some “our families are in the same place so we have to play zone for a day”. I went to church with my nephews that were visiting from Idaho for only a couple days and we got to play for an afternoon before they had to leave.


And Denis went with his whole family to the “Music and the Spoken Word” on Sunday and around temple square.

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That night we had a big family dinner with my family and played lots of games outside and later some board games. It was perfect.

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Denis took a red eye flight home so he could be to work on Monday morning. I got to stay a couple extra days. Mostly, I just hung out with my family doing different things, helping my Mom redecorate her bedroom, yoga with my sisters, playing with nieces and nephews, shopping, etc.

2012 037 EDIT

It was a crazy, whirlwind trip a-dee-doo-da trip a-dee-ay, but it was SO fun!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

“On the count of three say CHEESE”

I’m just a girl that likes to take pictures, I’m NOT a photographer, but this weekend I got to take some pictures of some of our really good friends, Melyn and Cameron. The pictures turned out so great, but I think it’s because I had such good models! All the pictures we took are places around the base. Yes, I know, it’s gorgeous here. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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