Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

Although, I hadn’t heard great things about Zoo World in Panama City Beach, I figured it would be something different to do for a date and hey it was only five bucks. We definitely had a great time! You are really close to the animals and the whole zoo is basically under shade because it’s so tropical. We only spent a couple hours there, but had a lot of fun.

We saw a lot of monkeys, but there was three kinds that I’ve never even seen in a zoo before. Here’s our monkey friends.

2012 005 EDIT

These little guys were my favorite monkeys…look how CUTE they are!!

2012 007 EDIT2012 0182012 027 EDITThis guy looks like an old man…funny.

2012 030 EDITIt’s hard to tell but this is actually a baby monkey on it’s Mama back. They were cuddling.

Another cool thing about Zoo World is they have tons of birds that are just out…they aren’t in cages. It was amazing to see them so close up.

2012 0142012 051 EDIT2012 054 EDIT2012 057 EDIT2012 083 EDITHe was putting on the moves for a lady, but she wouldn’t give him the time of day. She just kept turning her back on him and walking away. Denis and I think it was because she wasn’t ready for a commitment…she was a single Mom with three babies. 2012 089 EDITYeah, the bird is riding a bike. Love it.

They have lots of big cats. Four tigers, a lion, and a leopard. One of the tigers was SO playful. It was awesome.

2012 036 EDITHere is the playful kitty! 2012 040 EDITDenis turned his back on her and here she comes running for him.2012 042 EDITOops, she couldn’t get him. 2012 085 EDITHere she is again crouching down in a hole getting ready to pounce.  2012 087 EDITHere she comes!!

2012 047 EDITAnd then there was the lazy lion. No fun.

We would like to introduce you to a giraffe we named Snuggles. You’ll see why in a minute.

2012 061 EDIT

This is Snuggles. But we wanted to meet Snuggles. 2012 063 EDIT“Come here Snuggles! Come on!”2012 064 EDIT“That’s it girl.”2012 070 EDITSnuggles loved to snuggle with Denis. She wanted him to pet her. She was acting like a horse, it was weird. 2012 074 EDITSnuggles didn’t like me2012 079 EDITBack to her favorite person.

And lastly, Zoo World wouldn’t be complete without a Florida Black Bear.

2012 032 EDIT