Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We’re tourists that live here

Last weekend Denis planned to go on a boat tour around St. Andrews Bay for our date night. When we got on the boat the captain said he had a request to see Shell Island, which we have been to a few times, but the captain still took us around some cool places that we hadn’t seen. Sure, we felt like tourist, but I’m so glad we went! We had a great time! And I figure if there is anytime to do tourist stuff then we better do it now before we move. Here are some of the pictures I took from the boat.

2012 001 EDIT

Leaving on the tour!

2012 007 EDIT

Part of Shell Island

2012 014

This guy was feeding the dolphin, which is a HUGE “no no”. Our captain had this big intercom he would talk to us on and when we stopped to see this he said, “It’s against the law to feed dolphins in Florida because they become dependent on it. The first time you are caught it’s a $5000 fine, the next time you could be put in jail.” After the captain said that, this guy on the boat stopped feeding the dolphin while we were there, haha. 

2012 022 EDIT

The ship in the front is a very old ship made of all wood. The one in the back is a pirate ship which they do tours on also.

2012 028 EDIT

Our captain knew a guy on this huge ship and so he called him and the guy blew the horn at us. We followed along side it for a while because the dolphins like to play in the front wake of the ship. I don’t know how they don’t get hit or something. Dolphins are awesome. The next few pictures have dolphins playing in the front wake of this ship.

2012 034 EDIT2012 041 EDIT2012 038 EDIT2012 048

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A July 4th we’ll never forget

I’m a little late, but guess what? It doesn’t matter because it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. I might shed a tear because this was the very last holiday we will celebrate in Florida. But it’s hard to think about crying when we had such a GREAT time celebrating! Denis’ parents and his older brother (and fam) came to join in the beach fun. We went to the beach in the afternoon on the 4th and some of us parasailed and we watched the most beautiful fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never experienced fireworks like we did on the beach. We could see down the coast for miles and we watched as a hundred different firework shows (people lighting their personal fireworks) were shot out over the water. It ended with a huge firework show put on by Mexico Beach. It was incredible. If you ever have the chance to go to the beach on 4th of July do it…and even if you don’t have the chance, just make it happen anyways.

The next day, we headed out on a pontoon boat to shell island. Basically, before we even pulled out of the boat’s parking spot we saw a dolphin swimming around in the bay. It was awesome! We headed out to shell island and grilled up some yummy lunch on the boat with Denis’s new grill. The water at shell island was perfectly clear, I love swimming in that kind of ocean water…where I can see if I’m about to be attacked by something sinister. Then after a couple hours at the island we headed back, but made a quick spot so Erick and Denis could jump off the boat and swim with a dolphin. Such a fun day!

Yes, yes…I think I’m going to miss Florida when we move next month even more than I could have imagined.

2012 0052012 0012012-07-04 16.26.40IMG_2621IMG_2605IMG_2644IMG_2677IMG_2751IMG_2757IMG_2765IMG_2783 Denis reaching for his goggles so he can see the dolphin. Do you see the dark spot in the water at the top of the pic? That’s it!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

We’ve been busy this past month and especially these past couples weeks! Our birthdays just kind of snuck up on us. The night before my birthday, Denis invited some of our neighborhood friends over for cake and homemade ice cream that he made. It was really fun! On my birthday, we went to see Madagascar 3 (we were going to see Brave, but heard it wasn’t that good) and then went out to eat at my favorite restaurant. Denis also surprised me with tickets to see Wicked on Broadway in September, I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to see it. He also got me two beautiful necklaces and flowers. It’s still weird that I’m 25 now…ewwwww gross! I don’t think I’ll ever be use to it.

For Denis’s birthday his parents and grandpa were here to celebrate with us and stayed for 4th of July. I’m so glad they got to be here for his birthday, I know it meant a lot to him. We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and then came home and took some naps (something Denis loves to do) and then had a pizza party. That night Denis and his Dad put together the grill I gave him for his birthday. Yesterday, we grilled for lunch and dinner and tonight we’re probably grilling for dinner again…I don’t know how we ever lived without it now.

Here are some pictures of the birthday fun!

IMG_0147IMG_0152IMG_01512012 001 EDIT

Denis’s Birthday

20120630_1342222012 0112012 0152012 0182012 022 EDITIMAG0450