Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lessons Learned

Moving from Florida to Ohio taught me a lot. It taught me that we are never moving ourselves again, unless we are desperate for the money. It taught me that our entire house minus a love seat (we sold it) and a grill can fit into a 16 foot truck...who knew? It taught me that we have a little redneck in us when we forgot to pack our new grill in the truck so we decided to strap it to the back of the truck...awesome. It taught me that it can be an adventure strapping the grill onto the back of the truck in a Florida downpour, something we'll never forget. It taught me that Denis and I can still have fun and laugh together even when times are hard and we are exhausted. It taught me that Denis and I can together pack and move approx 6000 lbs...all that time I spent at the gym paid off. It taught me that attending a small branch instead of a large ward can be an amazing and wonderful experience despite my first impression. It taught me that you really can develop very deep, loving friendships with people even though you have only known them for two years or less, they become part of your family. But I think the greatest lesson I learned from this move came to me while I was staring at the butt of a giant, yellow Penske truck driving to Ohio.

Excuse me while I flashback for a minute to earlier in the week. As we were preparing to move, two of our friends told us a couple of moving horror stories. Why is it that when you are about to do something big like moving, having a baby, going in for surgery, etc people insist on telling you all the bad things they have known to happen to other people that have done those things? What really does that accomplish other than completely freak out the person/people that are about to do that thing? Listen, I'm guilty of it...I know I've told a couple of those stories myself. And to whoever I did that too...I'm sorry, will you forgive me?

Anyways, one of our friends told us about how they knew people that moved and one night at a hotel everything in their entire moving truck was wiped out...someone had stolen everything they owned. And then our neighbor told us about how their friends accidentally left the dome light on in their moving truck and it went up in flames and everything they owned was burnt to ashes. Pleasant stories right? And exactly what I wanted to hear right before we packed and moved our truck. I do understand why people tell those types of stories, they are to teach you warn you NOT to do what those people did or at least try your best to prevent it. Well we learned our lessons...we made sure the dome light was off and we padlocked our truck as well as parked it against a wall every night so no one could steal anything if they wanted to. But this isn't the greatest lesson that I learned...

Flash forward again to me sitting in the car watching the Penske truck butt drive down the I was thinking about those stories and looking at the truck picturing all of our belongings stacked to the top of the truck ceiling, a thought came to me. I wouldn't care if that happened to me. If someone stole all our stuff or it burnt to the ground...I wouldn't care. What I did care about and what I care about the very most in my life was sitting in the front seat of that truck. Denis.

I imagined for a minute what it would be like if all of our stuff was stolen, what would Denis and I do? We would probably go to Walmart and buy some pillows and a blanket to sleep with on the ground in our empty bedroom because of course we wouldn't have a bed to sleep on anymore. I imagined myself lying in Denis's arms on the floor and looking up at the ceiling and thinking everything is going to be alright because I still have Denis.

I feel so over the top blessed to know that as long as I have Denis I will be safe, taken care of, and most of all very loved...either with a packed full moving truck or an empty doesn't matter. None of that stuff matters! The only thing that matters is that I have Denis and that I try my hardest to love him like he deserves to be loved. So on August 22, 2012, our 4th anniversary, I learned that people matter, not things. Things don't bring us happiness, loving people does. I love you so much Honey and I will forever and ever and ever after that!