Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sugar Creek Reserve

“In the leafy tree tops” of sugar creek reserve Denis and I went hiking today. Awesome trails there! There were at least a dozen trails to choose from, if not more. Denis and I only hiked two of them today. Another cool thing about it is there is separate horse trails that go on for miles, wish I could ride Jewels in there…it’d be so fun!

The weirdest thing is that this reserve is in a neighborhood area. One minute your driving by neighborhoods and then after you park and start walking into the reserve you disappear into this completely different world…so quiet, beautiful, and calm. If I can’t have mountains, then the next best thing is all the many, many trails and parks in Ohio.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Kings Island & Cedar Cliff falls

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Wow! One of my many favorite things about fall in Ohio is this! I LOVE how all the red vines grow up the trunks of the trees, it’s breathtaking. (Tree in our “backyard”)

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These are the trees you see driving down our driveway into our apartment complex, I look forward to coming home everyday because of this view.


On Saturday, we took a trip to a Kings Island, which is near Cincinnati. We had a blast! One of my favorite parts of the day is when we went on this indoor rollercoaster that we didn’t know anything about and it ended up being the fastest rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. It made you SO dizzy and sick. When we started slowing down at the end of the ride, Denis and I looked at each other with dazed looks and I said, “Are my clothes still on?” And then reaching for my hair, “Is my hair still there?” We couldn’t stop laughing, I think the ride made us a little loopy. Good times. 

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Another awesome part of the day was stopping for a few games in a deserted arcade. Denis and I were the only ones in there playing games, it was awesome. Denis won 101 tickets from Deal or No Deal, which was exciting. But I wanted some glory too, so I ended up winning 100 tickets a few minutes later on a different game (picture below). We had a blast partying in the arcade like two little kids. We ended up giving our tickets to four little boys later on in the day, because the prizes were super lame, we were too tired to walk back to the arcade at the end of the day to get the prizes, and fun part was playing the games anyways. 

2012-09-29 12.15.06

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Thank you to my friend, Sam Murphey, for telling us about the blueberry ice cream in Snoopy world. We stopped and shared some, but by the end of the cone I regretted not getting my own. It was SO good!

“Denis: Hey the last bite is mine. Lisa: But I want it, it’s my favorite part. Denis: Then why did you take a big bite before? Lisa: I didn’t…it just sort of crumbed in my mouth….*smiling slyly and laughing*. Denis: Sure…*as he eats the last bite*”

2012-09-29 14.07.41


For our Sunday walk we went to explore a new place again. This time it was Cedar Creek Falls, it was a BEAUTIFUL drive to the falls and the falls were even more gorgeous. Here’s some pics.

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