Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have actual magical powers

No seriously, I do. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Denis and I went to the Columbus zoo this past weekend because admission was half off and mostly because it was BEAUTIFUL outside. I had to…had to…be outside last weekend, couldn’t waste the 65 degree weather on another winter indoor weekend!

Back to me being magical. It all started like it did with Harry, Harry Potter that is. Remember? He went to the zoo and ended up setting a boa constrictor lose without meaning to? Okay, well I didn’t actually let a giant, man eating snake out…I would pee my pants, but I did have this way of making the animals do whatever I wanted them to. Seriously, I would stand at their exhibits and say, “Move!” Or sometimes, “Come on, little elephant move! You can do it!” And you know what would happen? They would obey me…not even joking…worked every time. From now on, I give you permission to call me “Dumbledora”.

Don’t believe me? I have proof. Watch.

Exhibit A – I told the Polar Bears to play

2013 007Dirty Polar Bear, “Oh hey Lisa. What up girl?” Cleaner Polar Bear, “Lisa wants me to play with this barrel.”2013 008Dirty, “Man, why did you do that?” Cleaner, “Trying to give Lisa a good show.” 2013 009

Dirty, “Show off.”

2013 010

Dirty, “You’re an idiot.”

2013 011

Cleaner, “Get in here bro…water is nice. And you stink.”

2013 016

Dirty, “Oh no you didn’t!”

2013 019

**play fighting"**

2013 027

Cleaner, “Oh look there’s my girl, Cleanest! Give me some sugar Baby!”

2013 028

A Cleaner Dirty, “Get a room. P.S. Now that I took a bath, does my name still have to be “Dirty”?”

Exhibit B – The time I told the Elephant to wave

2013 047


2013 050

“Here I’ll do a trick for you too!”

Exhibit C – When I told the brown bear to look…he looked, of course.

2013 033

Exhibit D – Asked the Grizzly bear to come over by me so I could see him better

2013 039

“Okay, okay I’m coming…give me a sec.”

2013 0402013 041

“Yo girl, what chu want?”

2013-01-12 14.35 EDIT

And there were these two flamingos that totally got in the big cat fight when we were there. I admit, I didn’t tell them to do that, but it was funny.

Exhibit E – The time I told the Gorilla to stay completely still so I could take a picture…

2013-01-12 15.14.42

This was hilarious. The gorilla could have literally been a stone statue. It was just sitting there staring right at me. And then I say to it, “Hold on, I gotta get my camera.” As soon as I pointed my camera at it to take a picture (I swear I could almost hear it laughing and saying “Yeah right chick”) the gorilla did a 180 and turned its back to me. I snapped the picture in the process of it turning its back to me. HAHAHA! It was my favorite moment!

2013-01-12 13.18.25

It was a fun day!

PS Here’s some nasty bats that Denis was fascinated with. Boys.

2013 054

Thursday, January 3, 2013

“HO HO!” -Rex

So Rex and Ava are at my favorite ages…where they are walking and just barely learning how to say a few words. I’m so happy we were able to go to Utah for Christmas so I could get to know them better! They are both incredibly cute, squishy, loveable, and cuddly. I love how Rex says, “Ho ho” whenever he see’s Christmas lights or nutcrackers and how he always laughs at himself. I love how Ava would flirt shamelessly with Denis every time she saw him and how she would nod or shake her head to answer every question someone asked her. I already miss them like crazy, but I’m already planning a trip back to Utah for a weekish at the beginning of April so I can meet Mike and Meg’s new baby and Kell and Phil’s. Can’t wait!

Here’s some pictures from our vacation.

2012 008 EDIT2012 010 EDIT2012 013 EDIT2012 015 EDIT2012 018 EDIT2012 020 EDIT2012 025 EDIT2012 035 EDIT2012 036 EDIT2012 040 EDIT

2012 047 EDIT2012 051 EDIT2012 054 EDITAva “caught in the act” of flirting with Denis! 2012 056 EDIT2012 060 EDIT2012 069 EDIT2012 077 EDIT2012 0802012 1032012 108 EDIT2012 114Yes, Ava played “Joseph”…why not? :)

2012 1332012 135 EDITChristmas morning!

2012 140 EDIT2012 154 EDITAva LOVED the walking puppy Grandpa and Grandma gave her2012 155 EDIT2012 160Meggie’s baby shower2012 163Kell, my cousin April, and Meg…all having babies within the next few months. 2012 1642012 172 EDITSnow time!2012 1732012 176Braden got to go snowboarding for the first time with Steph, Mike and Denis and he LOVED it! 2012 179A "Jaycer” bundle! He is so cute right now! I love when he says, “Yesssss”, and pulls back with one arm. I hope next time I see him he’ll recognize me a little more, I think he was a little overwhelmed with so many new people to meet.2012 188 EDIT Good throw Caleb! So happy we got to see Cathy, Jon, and the boys during the break!