Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I need to check this off!

Alright, I’ve had “Blog about YW” in my reminder list on my phone for the past month so instead of changing the reminder date and time yet again for the hundredth time, I’m actually going to write the dang thing and CHECK IF OFF my list! I don’t know why it’s been so hard for me this past month to sit down and do it. Maybe because I would rather be doing things for Young Women then writing about it, because I love it so much.

The first pictures you’ll see is of our New Beginning we had at the end of February. This is a meeting where we welcome incoming beehives for the coming year (12 yr olds) and teach them a little bit about the Personal Progress program (it’s a program for girls, similar to the scouting program that boys do to get their eagles). Our New Beginning was fantastic, we had the Laurels (16-18 yr olds) talk about each value in the Personal Progress program. The Laurels in our ward are stellar, amazing girls! And those flowers/banners on the back wall were my contribution…the rustling of tissue paper could be heard for a mile from my apartment while I made those flowers.

The next set of picture you’ll see is of an activity that the Mia Maid (14-15 yr olds) class put together called “My Sister’s Closet”. They asked everyone in the ward for donations of girls size clothing and accessories (purses, belts, shoes, jewelry, lotion, etc.) and then they turned the YW room into a little boutique. Each girl had a shopping bag. They shopped in two groups. The first group went shopping and they picked 4 items, then the next group got to shop and pick 4 items they wanted. After that, the girls went in together and went crazy, shopping for anything and everything they wanted. I think each girl got at least 15 items and some had up to 25-30 items. When it was all over we packed the extra clothing away and the Mia Maids took the remaining clothes to the shelter for battered women and children to donate. AWESOME activity!


Pictures of New Beginnings 

IMG_4522 EDIT The theme is “Stand in Holy Places”, so each of the Laurels brought a pair of shoes to match the color of their value.


My flowers and banners

 IMG_4527 EDIT

Gifts for the YW and flowers for the incoming beehives


Donna had the great idea of frosting a simple angel food cakes and decorating each one with the color of a value.


 IMG_4540 EDIT



Kathy Worthington (the president) speaking to the girls and parents


All the girls singing a musical number


Recognizing the incoming beehives


All the Laurels


The women in my life (the presidency)


Pictures of My Sister’s Closet

2013 002

Refreshment table

 2013 012

The girls shopping bags

2013 013 

2013 020

 2013 023 EDIT

Three generations of Sullivan women here…they made this activity happen!

 2013 028

 2013 031

 2013 034 EDIT

2013 036 EDIT

 2013 043

Shopped till they dropped!

 2013 045

 2013 050 EDIT

2013 052 EDIT

Laurel and Beehive bonding happening :)

 2013 054 EDIT

 2013 065

Two of my Beehives

 2013 071

2013 075