Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Showing off our home turf

Random story real quick. Today, I walked into my house from grocery shopping and all the sudden I felt a tiny tickle on my left side. Not a big deal, but right after the tickle I felt a poke. So naturally I screamed bloody murder assuming there was a bug of some sort on me that I couldn’t see. I ripped off my shirt, threw it on the ground, and ran to the mirror. Nothing. Huh. Strange. I walked slowly back to my shirt, picked it up by arms length and inspected it. That pesky little tag was just sitting there, mocking me. Must have forgot to take that one off. Crisis adverted.

Okay, now for the real blog post. My Mom and sister, Steph, came to visit us in Ohio! It was SO fun! We were so happy they came. We tried to pack as much Ohio fun is as we could, which included lots of good food, hiking, and games.

Glen Helen Hike

IMG_1322 EDITIMG_1323 EDITIMG_1324 EDITMom’s in her own little world.IMG_1328 EDITGorgeous sister!IMG_1334 EDITIMG_1339 EDITIMG_1343 EDITIMG_1404 EDITIMG_1344 EDIT Couldn’t pass up a stop to Young’s Dairy on our way home for the perfect snack.

IMG_1356 EDITIMG_1362Breakfast at Clifton Mills. Biggest pancakes I’ve ever seen in my life. IMG_1366 EDITIMG_1370 EDITBreathtaking views from the bridge looking towards the Mill

Cedar Cliff Falls Hike

2013 002 EDIT2013 004 EDIT2013 006 EDITHe is pretending to jump…he got a scolding for making my heart race. 2013 022 EDIT

Indian Mound Reserve

IMG_1382IMG_1388 EDITIMG_1389

IMG_1405 EDITSunday stroll in the park


And after all that hiking, we had to get pedicures! Woot!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Girls to Meet & Old Friends to Greet

Can I get a “Woot! Woot!”? Woot for me finally posting my favorite pictures from my trip to Utah in April! Had such a great week! I got to meet, snuggle, and kiss my two new nieces, Mila and Molly! And I also got to have an awesome dinner with some of my favorite friends! It had been three years since I’d last seen Ashley, so fun to meet her new baby girl, Brinly, and also re-meet big girl Brooklyn! Also, hadn’t seen Allie for more than three years and it’d been about a year since I last saw Kar. Such an awesome night! Really made me miss and appreciate all the wonderful times I had with those girls. Love them tons!

2013-04-01 15.08 EDITBig brother, Jacker, and Molly 2013-04-02 18.14 EDITDinner at Brick Oven and then a stroll around campus was the best! Hey I just remembered! Ashley you promised you send me the pictures we took around campus! I want them! 2013-04-03 19.27.18Me and baby Molly, love this snuggly girl so much!2013-04-05 19.21 EDIT Taking a quick walk around BYU campus before the Humor U show!

2013-04-06 14.58.16Baby Mila taking a nap with her favorite snuggle buddy during General Conference.2013-04-06 19.06 EDIT Ava and her awesome outfit.

2013-04-07 15.35 EDITMila giving Grandpa the best smiles2013-04-07 16.53 EDITThe sweetest girl! Love that brown hair, wish it would stay.2013-04-08 11.34 EDITMaggie and Rex, miss them everyday!2013-04-08 12.13 EDITAva and Gavin, wish I could see them more!