Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday on a Sunday = Birthday weekend!

Since we choose not to spend money or go out on Sunday’s and my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we decided to celebrate all weekend! Which, I must say, is awesome.

It started Thursday night, with our very first mountain bike ride…it was SO much fun! We have become addicted.

On Friday, we went to a water park all day with some friends and then stopped for dinner on the way home. I was really proud of myself too because I’m not a huge fan of “water fun”, give me a roller-coaster any day over a water slide. But I went on every ride Denis did accept for two…that’s really good for me! I like to think I sort of conquered some fears on Friday too, which is a great birthday memory.

Saturday was the day that most of the celebrating happened. It started with a trip to our favorite sushi place for lunch. We got to try Sashimi for the first time too, which was fun. I liked it…didn’t think I would, but I’d eat it again. Then Denis drove me to some awesome outlets where I proceeded to spend most of my birthday money at JCrew. Everything was on sale. I’m in love with that store. After that we headed over to dinner at a famous Italian restaurant, it was really good and I tried my first cannoli there…yum! After, we booked it home to meet up with some friends and head over to the drive-in theater to see Monster’s University and Man of Steel. That was Denis’ first time ever at a Drive-in…I forgot how much fun they are! It was a seriously amazing day.

Sunday (my actual birthday), started off a little rocky with racing to church early unexpectedly and then spilling some makeup on one of my new skirts, which turned out to be dry clean only. Oops. It’s there now and the dry cleaner was pretty confident it will come out. When we got home from church, Denis made me one of my favorite dinners and then we watched the worldwide leadership broadcast, which I loved. After that, I talked a ton to family on facetime etc. then I opened a couple more presents from family/friends and had birthday cake!

Loved my birthday weekend!

IMG_1707IMG_1718IMG_1725For those of you wondering what Sashimi is…it’s a raw piece of fish on top of some rice. IMG_1735IMG_1736

IMG_1730IMG_1741Blurry…but we’re at the drive-in here! IMG_1756My 26-year old birthday pictureIMG_1764IMG_1755IMG_1765A birthday box from the parents…when I opened it, Denis said, “Your Mom knows you too well, she knows how much you love to unwrap presents.” This is true…I’m a kid at heart. I don’t even care what’s in the present, I just like to unwrap them. I love surprises, no matter what it is…it could be a penny and I’d love it if I got to unwrap it. IMG_1767My awesome new PJ pants that are actually long enough, it’s a birthday miracle! Thanks Mom and Dad!!