Monday, July 29, 2013

Da Man of Da Hour

I know, I’m a month late getting this posted, but I didn’t want to forget to post about my Love’s birthday! He turned 28 on June 30th…I seriously can’t believe he’s only 2 years away from 30! But as we all know men just get sexier with age…right? Well at least mine does.


See? Point proven. Sexy.


He wanted to go camping for his Birthday! We seriously had the best time!


Dinner. Yum.


The raccoons at this camp ground were crazy! They were every where. When we went to throw our garbage away that night, Denis opened the lid to the dumpster and there were tons of little eyes staring back at him, waiting…just waiting. Creepy!


Our new favorite thing! A pie iron! We made mini fruit pies in it, bacon and eggs (for breakfast), and smores (the next night)!


The mini, delicious fruit pie. I loved it and I don’t usually like fruit pies.


We went on a long mountain bike ride. Awesome. So much fun!


Even though it was his bday, I couldn’t help but kick his trash at Monopoly deal. Look at his handsome sad face…sorry Babe!