Monday, March 17, 2014

D to the C

Highlights -

  • The house. We stayed in a three story brownstone that had creakiest, most endearing wood floors you could ever imagine. We’ll never forget the beds that were so low to the ground it was like sleeping on an air mattress, which Steph did and had the most comfortable bed in the house.
  • The turkey sandwich I ate from “So’s Yo Mama” café on the first day we were there.
  • Huddling in the women’s bathroom with all the girls on our nighttime monuments tour because it was so wonderfully warm! I think it was 13 degrees with a killer wind-chill that night. (And wrapping Steph’s head up with her scarf so you could only see her eyes peeping out)
  • Breaking into a circle my family formed in the middle of Union Square and doing some of my best breaking dancing moves on the floor waiting for Mike to give me a beat, it never came. BUT that didn’t stop me.
  • Watching Iliana get “wild eyes” on the metro
  • Mike pole dancing in the metro in his stretchy “Costco” pants. Oh the Costco pants.
  • Crowding 9-10 people around the big Jacuzzi tub on the third floor of the house to soak our sore feet at the end of the day.
  • Playing “Spot it” any time we had to wait for a few minutes (in the metro station, bus stop, etc.) and chanting loudly, “I see it! I see it! I see it!” all together when two people were stalled on a card.
  • Playing that one game on Phil and Kell’s iPad, doing charade’s, impressions, etc. I won’t repeat the guess Kell made that one time. Seeing Steph’s R2D2 impression made me laugh so hard I cried. And Denis and I’s intuitive teamwork to get Kell to guess “Planting a tree” in like 2.3 seconds flat. 
  • Eating at Laurel Café (awesome Mexican food), yum!!
  • Eating at Shake Shack. Basically the only burger I’ve ever liked.
  • Meg getting trapped in the Metro station doomed to become a “Metro Rat”. Don’t worry she got out eventually.
  • Getting to see Susie and her Mom shortly at the Natural history Museum and meet Sus’s little boy, Brent.
  • A homeless man literally chased Denis and I into the metro station asking for money. All Denis had was $0.13, he pulled it out and handed it to the man. The man looked down in his hand, threw the change violently on the ground and walked away angry.
  • Taking my very first Taxi ride.
  • Really, just being there, spending time and making memories with my family was the best highlight.


  • Going to the Holocaust museum and learning, thinking, questioning.
  • Seeing Monet paintings in the National Art Gallery as well as many, many other amazing pieces of art.
  • The awesome audio tour in the museum at Ford’s Theater.
  • Visiting Lincoln and Jefferson’s monuments, LOVE those.
  • Going to Arlington. Ever since I visited Arlington the first time when I was in high school, I’ve always loved it. I remember it made me feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, it was so beautiful, peaceful and sacred. This time when we visited, I felt that all again. It started raining pretty hard while we were there watching the changing of the guard etc. and normally that might annoy me. I was soggy, cold, and tired but so so happy. I chose not to dwell on how uncomfortable I was because looking around at so many men, women, and families that sacrificed their lives for our freedom made any feelings of personal discomfort seem so petty. And now I think it was fitting that it was raining, made it seem special and poetic. Like the world continues to mourn the loss of so many brave men and women.
  • Learning about and seeing the French Bastille Key at Mount Vernon. The tour guide said that Key means as much to the French as the Liberty Bell does to Americans.
  • Having a family meeting talking about some of the thing we learned and loved on Sunday night.
  • Having family prayer together every night.
  • Getting to go with my Dad on his last trip to Washington D.C. for his work. He has been going about twice a year for the past 38 years with UAC. How blessed I have been to have such a hard working, ambitious Father who has taught me so much and created so many great opportunities for me and continues to do so.


  • We got tired. Really tired.
  • Cold, so cold
  • Missing the metro that one time when I was yelling at my family to hurry to catch it, but they didn’t hear me. Had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one because it was Sunday. Boo hoo! haha
  • Not getting to see the Hidden Universe 3D film at the Air and Space Museum, cause I’m nerdy like that.
  • See even the lowlights weren’t that “low”, it was an amazing trip!

And now just a few pictures and when I write “few” I mean forty.







IMG_4042IMG_4046IMG_4062IMG_4063Our house!


IMG_4081IMG_4090IMG_5454IMG_5458IMG_5463IMG_5464IMG_5465IMG_5468 EDITIMG_5470 EDITIMG_5477IMG_4065IMG_4067IMG_5486IMG_5493 EDITIMG_5501IMG_5506IMG_5507Let the Costco pants live on forever!IMG_5504