Friday, May 9, 2014

Some call it “The Land of Entrapment”

True, some people call New Mexico “The Land of Entrapment” instead of Enchantment. We’ve learned that a lot of people that move here don’t ever plan on staying here for a long time, but 20 years later “NM” is still on their return address labels. Also true, Denis and I won’t be one of those people. But that’s a different story for another day.

Right now, let me tell you why “The Land of Enchantment” does and does not describe New Mexico accurately.

Not so Enchanting

Reason #1-


It’s brown. I mean seriously brown. All of the houses are different shades of brown, one of my friends said people like to use the term “earth tones” to make it sound better. Whateves…totes brown.

Reason #2- Windy and dusty…like a lot. And if you go outside when it’s windy, dust will crawl into places until you wanna scream from irritation.

Reason #3- This white little piece of paper that Denis received in one of his in-processing briefs that had something similar to this on it:

First area we’ve lived in that the base thinks it necessary to “warn” you not to live in certain areas. We choose to live in the “low” area…obviously.


Reason #1-


Glorious, majestic, beautiful, wonderful mountains!!! So happy to have them back!

Reason #2-



Our house. Yeah, we’ve had some maintenance problems…just some little things like the AC/Heater not working correctly, the oven not holding temperature (so that’s why my pork chops took 4 hours to cook), the sprinklers leaking, the kitchen lights hanging by a thread, and OH YEAH WE HAD TO REPAINT THE ENTIRE HOUSE…but other than that, it’s perfect. Seriously though, I love this house…love the garage, the big kitchen, my walk in closet that is the size of a small bedroom, the fun little backyard with GRASS, a room just for my office, and most of all I love that Denis and I have a safe place to create some more incredible memories together.

Reason #3-


We’re getting closer and closer…we were 6 hours from a temple when we lived in Florida, 1 hour from a temple in Ohio, and now just a short 25 minutes.

Reason #4-




Any morning we have calm wind you will see hot air balloons going up everywhere around this city. Denis and I got to help our friend get his balloon up to fly one morning, it was so cool! The hot air balloon community is like a lifestyle, a culture unto itself here. 

Reason #5-


We’ve had the opportunity after only living here for one month to do some pretty amazing things. Like flying in a four seater plane from here to Santa Fe for breakfast one morning. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared out of my mind, but that doesn’t matter anymore because I DID IT. I went. I flew. I might have almost had a heart attack when Jason let Denis fly the plane to Santa Fe, but I survived. I’m so glad I went. Once in a lifetime experience.

Reason #6-



You know the saying “last the best of all the game”…well my last reason is the best reason of all. We now live 9 hours from my family and 8 hours from Denis’ family. We are SO extremely happy to live close to family again…it’s still amazing to us that we can jump in our car and DRIVE to see our families. It’s been four years of buying $400-500 per plane ticket and counting down the days till our next visit. Holy moly how excited we are to be back in the wild, wild, west!!

Looks like the “Enchanting” reasons won over the “Not so enchanting” by double. I guess “The Land of Enchantment” really is a good description for this place.