Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We’re totally rad

So Denis and I might be the coolest Aunt and Uncle on the planet…no, I’ve decided, we are the coolest. I had a brilliant idea to throw a Halloween party for some of our nieces and nephews the night before Halloween, mostly because I was SO excited that I actually got to celebrate Halloween with them this year. It took about four shopping trips to the dollar store, one trip to Michaels and a scavenger hunt the day of the party to five different craft/party stores in Lehi to try and find the right color tissue paper for my last minute brilliant idea for decorations. But it was all so worth it.

Funny story, when Denis and I were scavenging for the right colors of tissue paper, we were walking around Hobby Lobby (doing some side Christmas decoration shopping too) and Denis would be like, “Oh I’m going to get some of this for the party too and I think we need this and I want some more of this….etc” Until I finally was like, “Ohhhh who’s getting into the awesome Halloween party now?!?” As I poked him teasingly, to which Denis responded, “I was always going to make sure we did it right.” Classic D. Love him.

Denis and I had a blast baking, decorating, and dressing up for the party. The first thing we did with the kiddos is paint the outside of mason jars, later they would draw on jack-o-lantern faces and we would stick a plastic tea light inside to make the perfect little everlasting Halloween lantern. They loved those and some of them used them as their night lights. After that we played a game called, “Grab the Ghost”, which was so fun. Then they ate some treats. After that we headed outside for some glow in the dark ring toss. And we ended the night with the game, “Find the Monster”, which is sardines. It was so fun, I love those little people, they all have my heart. <3

Here’s some pics of our fun!

Halloween InviteSent these invites out in the mail a few days before2014 0012014 0022014 0032014 005

2014-10-30_22-12-09_IMG_60032014-10-30_18-16-56_IMG_6020Painting our Halloween lanterns 2014-10-30_18-22-37_IMG_60082014-10-30_18-20-49_IMG_6006TREATS!2014-10-30_18-22-53_IMG_60252014-10-30_18-24-52_IMG_60222014-10-30_18-30-06_IMG_60242014-10-30_18-34-17_IMG_6023Grab the ghost game2014-10-30_19-13-42_IMG_59982014-10-30_19-14-41_IMG_60022014-10-30_19-14-38_IMG_6026

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