Tuesday, January 20, 2015

D Planned it, I loved it

When my sweet husband gets something in his head that he wants to do, he will go ALL OUT to make it happen. I love that about him…most of the time (syncing slut – you know what I’m talking about Babe). So when he had the brilliant idea to plan a snowboarding trip for part of his Christmas this year, he made it happen. I literally did nothing for this trip. Other then nod my head and say, “sure honey, that sounds like fun”, and go on a shopping trip with him to find snow clothes for the trip. It was glorious. I love it when he plans, it’s always so much better than when I do it.

He found a ski resort in Colorado called Telluride. At this ski resort there are 127 runs! So cool! Granted, I only snowboarded on one run, pathetic I know, but I’m still learning. This was my 4th time going in 4 years. It’s hard to develop any kind of skill if you aren’t practicing more than once a year. But anyways, Denis went on a handful of runs, he’s much better than I am, and he had a blast. That is really all that mattered. Truthfully, I was there for the last half of the trip where we relaxed in private hot tubs on the rooftops, rode gondolas to go eat fantastic food, and took walks around the cute village and town. It was a beautiful weekend full of sun, fun, and flaming octopus’s.

Presenting Telluride

Hot tubbing

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Snowboarding2015-01-17_12-39-33_IMG_6712 EDIT2015-01-17_15-29-46_IMG_0431 EDIT2015-01-17_16-28-46_IMG_6722

Exploring2015-01-17_18-31-20_IMG_6741 EDIT2015-01-18_14-17-24_IMG_68172015-01-18_14-23-24_IMG_6794 EDIT2015-01-18_14-27-36_IMG_6799 EDIT2015-01-18_14-19-21_IMG_6793 EDIT2015-01-18_14-31-35_IMG_68222015-01-18_14-32-57_IMG_68192015-01-18_13-43-10_IMG_68142015-01-18_14-01-19_IMG_6816

Gondola Riding

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